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*Amrita Simla is a super hero who flies around the globe. She bears witness and makes visible the invisible in a seriously playful and playfully serious way. On a mission, Amrita Simla narrates Making Visible the Invisible, The Women Farmers Documentary Series about women farmers and the challenges they, and their families, face in a globalized, climate changing world. Amrita Simla visits diverse communities in their villages and fields, on their own terms, to document their stories. She provides a glimpse into the women’s lives to hear their words and songs. Amrita Simla knows that women are the best experts about their own lives and the best equipped to determine what they need, to not merely survive but also, to thrive, sustainably. Women, of every caste, class and creed, relay their stories of perseverance in the face of constant struggles, unyielding barriers, and sustained marginalization.*

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